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No Credit Check Loans Of Anywhere Up To £1,000 Available Now

Getting no credit check advances at Leopard Loans is as easy as counting to three. Your credit score does not have anything to do with you gaining approval for an advance. We believe in giving UK residents a second chance at borrowing money, no matter what their history may be.


To qualify for a loan at Leopard Loans, you must be a UK resident. You must also be 18 years of age, because minors are not eligible to sign contracts. In addition to those two requirements, you must also have a UK bank account that has been open for at least 90 days with no negative transactions on records. This means that you should have no adverse transactions such as account overdrafts and insufficient funds transactions. The bank account should also not currently carry a negative balance. The reason for such requirements is that the company will use your bank account as its main source of cash transmittal. You will receive your loan proceeds and make payments from this account.


As far as financial requirements, the only thing you need to do is show proof that you have a steady income and stable employment. Having a job history of at least 90 days will help to qualify you for an advance. Additionally, you should earn approximately £1000 per month. If such is the case, then you will most likely be eligible for an advance.


After you have gone over your qualifications, you may submit an online application for help. The application will ask you for the previously stated information so that our representative can check your qualifications. Once the representative validates your information, this person will let you know if you qualify for an advance.


Generally, bad credit loans range between £100 and £1500. The amount of money you earn per month determines the amount of money you are qualified to borrow. The idea of this type of loan is to get you the cash that you need for emergency expenses, bills, shopping, and savings account cushioning. You can use the funds any way you see fit. In fact, you do not have to use them at all if you do not desire. You can sit the funds in your bank account just for show.


After Leopard Loans qualifies you for an advance, it will create a contract for you to sign. The contract will specify such details as the repayment date, the finance charge, and information on payment withdrawals. Bad credit loans usually have a life span of 15 days, or when you receive your next paycheck after borrowing the money. If for some reason you have a problem paying back the advance on the due date, you may request an extension, which the lender may approve for a fee.


To find out if you qualify for a loan, complete a brief application by clicking on “apply now”. Leopard Loans representatives will notify you very quickly of your application status. If all your information in correct and verifiable, you may be able to receive funds within a few hours.

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